“I wish Searching for Cecy could somehow be mandatory reading for all carepartners. Judy writes with such clarity that it is impossible not to feel the salty Maine waves blow across your cheek as you read and re-read her compassionate poetry.”

—Joanne Koenig  Coste, author Learning To Speak Alzheimer’s

“Poetry Slam: Art, Alzheimer’s and Long-Distance Care Collide.”

— Anne-Marie Botek

“In Judy Prescott’s book, Searching For Cecy the poet-actress takes the reader on a sad, sweet, but ultimately uplifting journey through eight years of her mother Cecy’s life with Alzheimer’s.”

— C.R. Zwolinski

“Every page in poet Judy Prescott’s reflections about her mother, Cecy, give something rare and true to the reader. But what unites them all is ‘the sounding hum of a love too deep to mute.’ Fortunate is the mother whose slow, painful journey into Alzheimer’s is taken with such a daughter by her side.”

— Phyllis Theroux, author of The Journal Keeper, a memoir.

Searching For Cecy is a thoughtful read, very much recommended.” 

— Midwest Book Review

“This is a very beautifully written book, and such a great tribute to a mother. It is nice to see the artwork accompanied by each poem. It really makes an impression. Watching a loved one essentially passing away right in front of you is possibly the worst thing that a person can go through. The author really puts her thoughts and emotions out there in such an articulate and beautiful way. This is a very nice read.” 

— Hanging Off The Wire

“Actress and poet Judy Prescott draws her family together in this powerful tribute of artistry to her mom, Cecy. As a long-distance caregiver, Judy artfully recalls memories of her mother’s youth through gradual loss. Whether or not you enjoy poetry or art, Searching for Cecy serves as an example of how one family copes and even receives a therapeutic uplift with a creative tribute to a loved one’s memory.”

— Brenda Avadian, MA
Alzheimer’s / Dementia Caregiver, Expert SpokespersonCoach, and Author
Editor, TheCaregiversVoice monthly Newsletter and The Caregiver’s Voice Book Review

Judy Prescott’s poetry is a vivid and stunning journey through the rough waters of Alzheimer’s. Her haunting metaphors speak a universal language – the acceptance, courage and resiliency that are born of unthinkable pain and loss. In this beautiful tribute, Ms. Prescott writes: “I have learned to quietly step into Cecy’s world, leaving all of our shared history behind me. Every moment with my mother is entirely new…there is no before or after.”  It is a revelation of love, healing and letting go. A sensational work of art.

— Julie Bond Genovese, Author, Nothing Short of Joy

“This book of poems, a remembrance and celebration of Judy Prescott’s mother, Cecy, will make you laugh, cry and shake your head with wonder. When a loved one has Alzheimer’s the world often feels like it’s been turned upside down. Prescott captures this brave new world with insight and compassion. Through her beautiful poems, with unforgettable lines like ‘My mother lies sleeping/In corners of time’ Prescott sheds new light on our complicated relationships with Alzheimer’s, aging, and our mothers. This is a must read for anyone who loves someone with Alzheimer’s.”

 — Deirdre Shaw, author of Love or Something Like It

“I was eager to open this and afraid to at the same time. I read it with the little headache that comes from holding back tears. It’s one daughter’s experience, reflections of her mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s disease; who she is and was. It’s every daughter’s story of her mother’s decline. Heartbreaking.” 

— Daisy

“Over 3 portions of my day today I read this collection of poetry, mapping the author’s mother’s progression into the unknown and the unremembered. It brought back memories of my grandmother… it brought up thoughts of my now estranged father, who is also falling into the deep black well of this illness. 
One poem, one part of one poem, stood out to me the most. “If I’d wings, I’d surely fly you. I’ve a map. I’d find the way. I’d careen you back in time with me To somewhere sense still lay.” Touching. Thought provoking. 
This book is a masterpiece of poetry, of storytelling, of life and of love.”

— Yvonne Glasgow


“This is such a beautiful collection of poetry. You can feel the emotion and the struggle that the author has. Each poem is heartfelt and carries meaning. The chronological order of the poetry helps to tell a story and really paints a picture in the mind of readers. I personally connected most with ‘Proof’ and ‘Mother’. I felt each of these poems just tugged at my emotions. This entire collection can bring strength to anyone going through a tough time, especially those who are dealing with taking care of someone who has Alzheimer’s. I highly recommend this deep collection of reflections to anyone.”

— Kim


“I have known poet -actress-author- friend and mother Judy Prescott for many years. We met as apprentices in Summer Stock many moons ago. I expected to know Judy for the rest of my life but I did not expect that we would also share the tragedy of a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s. I did watch my own mother finally lose her very brave battle against leiomyosarcoma after 15 years, and understand the lifelong feelings of watching my mother suffer and of losing my Mom. And I have also sadly watched my Father-in-Law struggle silently with Alzheimer’s and slowly fade from the recognizable Father and Husband who is so beloved by his close and bewildered, grieving family. When I saw Judy’s book I instantly related to the feelings of loss, anger and yearning for more time before the diagnosis when things were easy and this dark cloud didn’t hang over our heads 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As I read her poems and gazed at the works of art I saw a family going through the process together and in support of each other and of Cecy. Never losing faith that these feelings matter. The stages of Cecy’s disease are well documented and for someone newly attempting to familiarize themselves with the process it is a unique way to understand the steps and phases of a disease that moves this way. For someone familiar with the path of Alzheimer’s this book is a way to connect with others who share the journey in a creative way through wonderful, well-made, moving works of art paired with sometimes heartbreaking and always insightful poems inspired by never-ending love.

Expressing our love for our loved ones is always a good thing. It grows more love. And that is surely the only thing that will get us through.”

 — Peri Gilpin, Actress/ Producer
from the cast of Frasier